Persons of Contact

HTM offers its clients an optimally trained crew, highly qualified pilots who are familiar with all types of applications, and a top-trained maintenance team. Continuous training guarantees a safe and satisfactory execution of your order.

Managing partner

  • Hans-Jürgen Ostler

Gerneral manager

  • Bernd Brucherseifer

Assistant manager

  • Silvia Nützl

Accountable manager

  • Hans Jürgen Ostler

Flight operations manager

  • Marcus Lipp

Technical mangement

  • Dipl. Ing. Werner Greipl
  • Steffen Wohlrab (assistant)

Compliance monitoring manager

  • Korbinian Stögmeier

Ground operations manager

  • Andreas Goldhofer

Dispatch & Sales Munich


Chief Pilot / Authorized Representative

  • Felix Arndt