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(Deutsch) Helitravel Munich Security – Sicherheitslufttransporte schnell und sicher an Ziel.

Offshore Hoist Operations

The first EC135 in operation off the North Sea coast of Germany HTM has been operating a brand new EC 135 P2+ since April 2009  out of the airport in Emden (EDWE) to supply and support the Offshore- Windenergypark „Alpha Ventus“, that is 50 kilometers north of the island Borkum. The operator DOTI (Deutsche Offshore […]


With our helicopter service you can attend your conference, meeting, or a very important appointment quickly and relaxed . We offer all types of commuter flights with flexible appointments and scheduling. With us travel stress is history, Htm will take you and your business partners anywhere in Europe quickly and safely. You can also choose […]

Film- und Photo flights

With our experience and proper equipment, HTM offers the best quality for filming in all catgagories. In the past HTM has produced and taken part in many commercials, TV series, and movies. With all of our experience, you are guaranteed to have the best film as possible. Panoramic and Aerial filming are also not a […]

Cargo flights

Besides flying personel, we also offer cargo flights, which includes transporting materials and cargo hook flights. We can offer cargo flights and it does’nt matter which terrain is layed before us or if its supplys for a mountain cabin or poles for the mountain train. The following tasks and similar jobs are always taken care […]

Schulung, Urheber: SX Heuser


We offer the following training: PPL-H: Private helicopter pilot license CPL-H modular: Commercial helicopter pilot license NVFR-H: Night flight qualification CVFR-H: Controlled VFR flights TR-H: Type Rating (on all our helicopters in our fleet) TRI-H: Type Rating Instructor (on all our helicopters in our fleet) IR(H) modular: Instrument Rating   For more Information please feel […]

Sightseeing Flights

Enjoy the sight seeing experience in a modern Turbine helicopter as it wisks you away into the beautiful Alpine region. You can also book our helicopters for a private sightseeing tour with at least 4 persons or more. Tour “Culture and High Flying” Details of the Tour Take of from: Heliport Ottobrunn near München Flight […]

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