Firefighting in Sweden – HTM comes to the aid

Germany provides support to fight the fires blazing through Sweden’s forests. HTM sends three helicopters, including crews, to support the Swedish relief forces with firefighting operations by air.

The first helicopter (AS 350 B3) took off to the operational area in northern Sweden in the afternoon of July 20th, just one day after the inquiry from the MHW (Medizinisches Katastrophen-Hilfswerk Deutschland e.V.) was forwarded to HTM by the joint situation centre of the Federal Department of Civil Protection and Disaster Relief and the European Union. The other two helicopters followed on the 8-hour ferry flight shortly thereafter.

Each helicopter is equipped with a special bucket (Bambi Bucket) that carries water for firefighting and is carried by the helicopter as external load. These Bambi Buckets are used for the aimed release of water over fires in inaccessible areas.

HTM’s experienced crews will help fight the forest fires, which are spreading over an area of 200 square kilometres, at least until the beginning of August. According to the weather forecast, the fire danger remains high and might even increase. It remains to be seen whether the mission can be accomplished within the planned operation time frame.