With our helicopter service you can attend your conference, meeting, or a very important appointment quickly and relaxed . We offer all types of commuter flights with flexible appointments and scheduling.

With us travel stress is history, Htm will take you and your business partners anywhere in Europe quickly and safely. You can also choose where you travel from and your destination, to save time.

VIP flights are also included in our services. We are available to you, so that you arrive at your destination.

We also offer sightseeing flights to relax and enjoy the scenery. An unforgetable flight through the Alps with all its lakes and mountains is always enjoyable.

We also offer sightseeing flights for any event you might want to schedule.

  • Commuter flights
  • VIP-flights
  • Sightseeing flights
  • Weddings and anniversaries
  • Birthday flights
  • Taxi- und Transfer flights
  • Tandem-skydiving

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