Offshore Hoist Operations

The first EC135 in operation off the North Sea coast of Germany

HTM has been operating a brand new EC 135 P2+ since April 2009  out of the airport in Emden (EDWE) to supply and support the Offshore- Windenergypark „Alpha Ventus“, that is 50 kilometers north of the island Borkum.

The operator DOTI (Deutsche Offshore Testfeld und Infrastruktur GmbH&Co KG) plans to install more energy Windmills that are 5 MW- class so they would be the first company to have a pioneering role in this business.

At this time, people and material are transported to the different transformer stations.

Offshore Hoist Operations

The conditions for transporting personel during the hoist process with a helicopter on the open sea (Offshore- Hoist Operations) takes a highly qualified helicopter crew, that undergoes very intensive training .

You can find an example of our hoist operations in our Mediaroom.

Experience and Service

HTM and its daughter company Heli Rescue Consult (HRC; are world wide known for its hoist operations. We have conducted hoist training in Europa, Asia, Africa und America in some of the hardest conditions  (Mountains, Off-Shore) for police-, rescue companies, and civilian operators.

The training for operators consists of 3 parts:

1.)   Theory training both in the classrooom and on the helicopter.

2.)   Hoist operations under normal conditions (i.e. field).

3.)   Hoist operations on a 90m high windmill in Cuxhaven.

To this day we have trained over 180 operators from the windmill park personel.

The first windmill was completed in the middle of June. HTM completed Offshore- Hoist Operations on the 100 meter high generator housings.

The helicopters in operation are: EC 145 and BK 117C1. For aerial filming and pictures an AS 355 NP with a camera system called „Cineflex HD V 14“ was used.

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