Cargo flights

Besides flying personel, we also offer cargo flights, which includes transporting materials and cargo hook flights.

We can offer cargo flights and it does’nt matter which terrain is layed before us or if its supplys for a mountain cabin or poles for the mountain train.

The following tasks and similar jobs are always taken care of quickly and safely with our helicopters.

  • Cargo flights
  • Material transport

An example for maximum load for a  Eurocopter AS 350 B3

Above sea level in Meters Eurocopter AS 350 B3 Maximum load
500 m 1.250 kg
1.500 m 1.050 Kg
2.000 m 1.000 kg
2.500 m 900 kg
3.000 m 850 kg

An example of load limits for external hoist:

Load limits for hoist EC 135 Load limits for hoist EC 145
230kg 270 kg

For Cargo and assembly flights we have the following helicopter types available: AS 355 NP, EC 135, BK 117 C1 sowie EC 145.

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